Fire Restoration & Smoke Removal

Fire restoration is one of the most rewarding projects to undertake. The jobs we've completed range from 6-storey apartment buildings to single car garages.

The blasting we do cleans smoke and char from brick, concrete walls, floors, ceilings, wood studs, plywood I-beams, and more. Once we've completed a job, 100% of the fire damage is removed.

Incomplete solutions like spraying affected areas with KILZ® paint usually end up becoming troublesome later on. On hot days areas that were inappropriately dealt with begin to smell strongly of smoke due to not being stripped clean properly in the first place. Scenarios such as this can cause a rollercoaster of problems. Let us deal with it properly. We enjoy turning someone’s unfortunate nightmare back into their dream living or working space.

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Removing smoke and fire damage from this heritage brick wall without removing the paint behind it. Pacific Rim College, working for Onside Restorations.

Burnaby General Hospital

See our recent fire remediation work at Burnaby General Hospital