Blasting Materials

Ocean Pacific Abrasive Blasting offers a wide variety of different abrasive blast media to suit any project or purpose, from commercial sandblasting to home restoration. We make sure to have the right grit and material for the job, whatever your needs.

Sand & Garnet Abrasive

A multi-purpose material used on larger industrial projects such as mills, boilers and turbines.

Crushed Glass Blasting

Used for light to medium rust removal, wooden structures, auto bodies, brick and concrete cleaning, light texturing, graffiti removal, fire restoration, boat hulls, and more. A very universal media and good for many applications.

Dry Ice & Soda Blasting

Used for a wide variety of metal blasting, including auto bodies, brass, bronze, copper, aluminum and propellers. Deodorizes and cleans brick and other materials. Can even be used on windows, removing graffiti or staining without etching the glass.

Kleen Blast & Slag Abrasive

Primarily used to blast heavy rust, steel ship hulls, concrete, car frames, and industrial equipment.