Vehicles & Machinery

Machinery, logging equipment, farm equipment and aviation

  • Dump truck boxes and parts
  • Logging trucks and equipment
  • Drilling equipment
  • Steel bins and trailers
  • Farm equipment
  • Fuel and propane tankers and under carriages
  • Excavators and bulldozers

Classic cars, vehicle restoration and motorcycles

  • Will not warp (no heat transfer) metal on panels such as hoods, doors, fenders etc.
  • Leaves a 220 grit like sandpaper finish, ideal for re-paint
  • Best and accurate results are achieved when project is mounted onto a rotisserie, operator can spin project to desired location
  • Will not harm engine parts
  • Removes deep pitted rust from floor and roof panels etc.
  • Removes undercoating
  • Removes Bondo
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