Environmentally Friendly Media Blasting

environmentally friendlyMedia blasting replaces the need for toxic chemicals to remove blemishes like paint, rust, and stains, and is a natural deodorizer for fire restoration on wood, brick, and concrete, almost totally eliminating smoke odor.

The sand we use for rust removal and the restoration of tough surfaces is silica-free. It is a type of slag which is mined from the earth.

Baking soda (as used in our soda blasting) is environment friendly for people and pets. Soda is water soluble, therefore residue left behind can be washed away with a simple garden hose. In most cases it can be washed directly into sewer, acting as a beneficial buffer.

All of our media is 100% silica free, and MSDS sheets are available upon request.


Clean Up

Here at Ocean Pacific we really focus on keeping a clean work site at all times before, during, and after each work shift. We tarp, sweep, vacuum, bag, and haul all used media off site for proper disposal. Using heavy construction bags to avoid tears and leakage while transporting.