Kleen Blast & Metal Slag Abrasive

Kleen Blast Sandblasting

Kleen Blast is a mined copper slag that is dust and silica free, economical, fast cutting, and does not pose any threat to the environment. It's prepared by selective screening of copper slag to give a series of clean, sharp particles meeting the needs of the abrasive blast industry. The hardness and particle shape of Kleen Blast also makes it possible to recycle and reuse it in blast cleaning processes.

Kleen Blast Uses:

Copper Slag Blasting Abrasive

Often the best abrasive to use when it comes to cutting speed and cost per square foot, copper slag is used to clean and shape the surface of metal, stone, concrete and other materials. Copper slag is just one of many different materials that may be used as abrasive grit. The abrasive easily removes light rust, paint, and mill scale. It’s highly resistant to fracturing, and leaves very little dust.

Copper Slag Blasting Uses:

  • Sandblasting and surface preparation
  • Removing corrosion
  • Pipeline blasting
  • Stripping paints and coatings
  • Blast cleaning
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