Concrete Cleaning, Texturing & Leveling

Sandblasting concrete gives it that more uniform look.

Concrete wall before retexturing

Concrete wall after retexturing

worker sandblasting concrete

concrete pillar

Sometimes forms are removed improperly, and the most effective way to fix that is to give the finished concrete a light to medium sandblast.

This sandblasting process is also great for exposing the underlying aggregate in the concrete. In most cases, to expose aggregate we'd have to heavily sandblast it to achieve any results. This method is used a lot on retaining walls, commercial buildings and government buildings.

  • Exposes underlying aggregate rock.
  • Provides a uniform even finished look removing imperfections (markings) on walls.
  • Levels and smooths out concrete flooring.
  • Removes efflorescence that leaches out of concrete and brick.
  • Excellent for removing paint from fireplaces to bring back original granite, brick etc.
  • Can clean deep-set concrete stains.
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