Burnaby General Hospital - Burnaby

On Nov 15th, a fire broke out in the Mental Health ward of the Burnaby General Hospital which lead to an evacuation of the entire hospital.

Belfor restorations were called in to take on the task of remediating the entire hospital. One of the challenges Belfor had was cleaning the elevator shafts. That’s when they contacted Ocean Pacific Media Blasting to come in and blast three 7 storey elevator shafts free of soot and odor. All Ocean Pacific staff are trained and certified to enter confined spaces so this project required no additional equipment or training.

In preparation, negative air systems were installed on all 7 floors with access to the elevator. All access doors were sealed up tight with poly and tape to ensure there was no fallout of particulates into the fully operational hospital.

Once all 3 chambers were blasted, Belfor called in the air monitoring company to test the air in the elevator shaft for soot and odor. Tests showed no remaining levels of soot or odor in all three elevators.