Dry Ice & Soda Blasting

Blasting a Sea PlaneBlasting a Sea PlaneUsed for a wide variety of metal blasting, including auto bodies, brass, bronze, copper, aluminum and propellers. Deodorizes and cleans brick and other materials. Can even be used on windows, removing graffiti or staining without etching the glass.

Specific Advantages of Soda Blasting

  • Soda is safe for use on more delicate applications such as window seals, bearings, and hydraulic rams. It can easily and rapidly remove paint around hydraulic rams without pitting the ram.
  • Baking soda is environmentally friendly for people and animals. Soda is water soluble, therefore residue left behind can be washed away with a simple garden hose. In most cases it can be washed directly into the sewer, acting as a beneficial buffer.
  • There are no paint chips left behind. The soda pulverizes the paint, so it can't be seen.

Soda/Potassium Sulfate Blasting

Soda (potassium sulfate) removes paint, surface rust, Bondo, and restores old surfaces to new. It is also used in fire restoration, being a natural deodorizer. Soda cleans metals by abrasive blasting such as sandblasting, but adds a protective coating to stop flash rusting.

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