Abrasive Blasting & Surface Cleaning

worker sandblasting equipment

 Advantages of Using Media Blasting

  • Our Blast system covers more square feet than most of our competitors.
  • There is no heat transfer with our blasting media, which means no warping.
  • Media Blasting replaces the need to use toxic chemicals, and is a natural deodorizer for fire restoration on wood, brick or concrete almost eliminating smoke odor.
  • Total control of blasting depth and abrasiveness. Surfaces can be taken down to any desired level, so there is no painstaking scraping involved. Even Gel-coats on Fiberglas boats are safe.
  • The sand we use for rust removal or other tough surfaces is silica free. It is a type of slag which is mined from the earth.
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We Offer Several Types of Media Blasting:

Silica-Free Sandblasting

A multi purpose material used on larger industrial projects such as mills, boilers and turbines.

Crushed Glass Media Blasting

Used for log homes, wooden structures, auto bodies, brick and concrete cleaning, light texturing, graffiti, fire restoration, boat hulls, and more. A very universal media and good for many applications.

Soda Media Blasting

Used for fire restoration, auto bodies, brass, bronze, copper, aluminum and propellers. Deodorizes and cleans brick and other materials. Can even be used on windows, removing graffiti or staining without etching the glass.

Kleen Blast & Metal Slag Blasting

Primarily used on light to heavy rust, steel ship hulls, concrete, car frames and industrial equipment.

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