Diavik Diamond Mine

In 2009 Belfor Restorations hired a 12 member crew from Team Ocean to blast smoke damage from the largest cement factory in the world.

Owned by RIO-TINTO, the Diavik Diamond Mine is located approx. 300 miles north east of Yellowknife (almost at the Arctic circle). Due to the remote location, our equipment had to be flown in on a Hercules aircraft.

Our task was to organize two crews working 24 hours a day using both dry ice and crushed glass to blast the interior of this industrial building, which was contaminated with smoke after a welder started a fire.

This mine is owned by RIO-TINTO. When I asked why they hired Ocean Pacific Media Blasting and not the others, their reply was "because you guys are the best in the business".

This definitely was a proud day for all of us here at Team Ocean.

The monumental task took 3 months to complete.