Sea Plane Soda Blasting

The Twin Otter has been one of Canada's best reliable float planes for commercial or recreational use. The original Twin Otter was introduced in 1965, serving as a utility bush plane for Canada’s North. It quickly became a favourite of the developing regional airline business and, between 1965 and 1988, 844 were built—making it the world’s bestselling 19-passenger commuter airplane still in production. Older planes are almost never scrapped and the quality of the airframe means that most of the Twin Otters ever built are still flying. This particular Twin Otter float plane was flown over from Ontario to undergo a complete overhaul.

Ocean Pacific was called upon to soda blast the under carriage, wings and pontoons to remove the corrosion that had built up over the years of Ontario winters. Soda blast has a very light abrasive, perfect for the aluminum panels of the Twin Otter.