Smoke damage remediation on Annacic Island

On August 7th 2017, Ideal Welding situated on Annacic Island (Delta BC) caught on fire. It was a 3 alarm fire and over 50 firefighters fought the blaze throughout the night. The building where the fire started was badly damaged and had to be demolished for public safety. While the fire was under way, smoke poured into the adjacent building causing smoke staining on all the cladding and steel structure inside.

Ocean Pacific Media Blasting was awarded the project to gently remove all smoke stains from over 200,000 sq ft of metal without removing the paint underneath the smoke. It took our team 10 days from start to finish to remove all traces of smoke and another 3 days to vacuum sweep and prepare the metal for the painters. The delicate removal of smoke stains without damaging the underlying paint saved the property owner tens of thousands of dollars in bare metal priming and refinishing. A job well done with excellent value for our customer.