Blasting Materials

Ocean Pacific Abrasive Blasting offers a wide variety of different abrasive blasting media to suit any project or purpose. We make sure to have the right grit and material for the job, whatever your needs.

Sand & Garnet Abrasive

A multi purpose material used on larger industrial projects such as mills, boilers and turbines.

Crushed Glass Blasting

Crushed glass can be used on a variety of surface including wooden structures, auto bodies, light texturing, graffiti, fire restoration, and boat hulls.

Dry Ice & Soda Blasting

Used for fire restoration, auto bodies, brass, bronze, copper, aluminum and propellers. Can even be used on windows.

Kleen Blast & Slag Abrasive

Primarily used on light to heavy rust, steel ship hulls, concrete, car frames and industrial equipment.